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fashion commentary, featuring sean [May. 22nd, 2009|04:29 pm]
The Fashion Pigs



Renee: he looks like a skiing elf
Sean: There's a reason why there has yet to be common parlance about "Dressed up preppies, with their $500 poofball hats"

Renee: dj qualls in a quilted turkey baking bag
Sean: I swear there's an invisble hamster he's crushing with the right foot which puts him on the brink of release.
Renee: holy crap sean
Sean: Look at the dude
Renee: did you know yellow shoelaces are an indicator of piss fetish? it's like hanky code

Renee: it's an mc escher drawing of adam ant.
Sean: I've seen the future, and its filled with drag queens wrapped in space twinkies.

Renee: this is what rivers cuomo beats off to
Sean: Its like a test pattern, if test patterns stopped you from ever having sex with anyone ever.
Renee: test patterns are a natural contraceptive
Sean: I'm tasting the flavors of the rainbow, and it tastes like expired asthma medication.

Sean: I like the flair he has on his shoulders. Its like he's working at Arby's, but with fascist leprechauns.

Renee: this is the first time i've ever seen someone in a trenchcoat and been genuinely concerned that they might shoot up a school
Sean: Its also an odd cross-street of dark tormented guy and nun.
Sean: Like if you went goth after everyone made fun of you for Bridget Cosplaying.

Renee: he looks like jesse camp dressed as a plazoid
Sean: This guy is the Rorschach test of fashion models.
Sean: I see a latter day final fantasy character getting attacked by a boa constrictor. He's probably being dealt 84 damage as we speak.
Renee: all i can see in the clash of random patterns is two bats fighting and a side profile of my mother

Sean: I always wanted to have sex with pee wee herman but felt like he needed more weird, more sexless and more staring.
Renee: this guy is doing a modern art piece where he tries to see how many girls he can get to vow celibacy
Renee: total: 27
Sean: I think its one of those tests where you focus on his suit and then your skin looks like its crawling

Sean: Underneath those incredibly unfortunate layers he has a denim jacket. Its probably totally awesome and says something about hustling on it. He is the fashion world's clark kent.

Renee: looking at this picture is like doing meth cut with bleach
Sean: I often like my women to look like neanderthals who were just cummed on by giant spider monsters. It puts me in that sword & sorcery mood.

[User Picture]From: para_n0ize
2009-05-23 12:42 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: inclement
2009-05-24 02:13 am (UTC)
why is it fashionable to wear shoes without socks? i hate going without socks it becomes uncomfortable immediately. DUMB!!!!
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