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yo check it here's some fall 09 [Jul. 25th, 2009|02:49 pm]
The Fashion Pigs



$3000 for a designer jumpsuit and cowboy hat. Maybe if you had billions to blow on nonsense and a "just kidding" attitude about it, you culd get away with it. But it's much more likely that girls would look at you and think of a.) the smell of Bag Balm and b.) trying to get horse hair out of their dresses.

This is the quintessential "I am a bad guy" look that's been drilled into our heads by every kung-fu movie, so subliminally, we're all thinking of roundhouse kicking this dude in the chops.

The aliens are getting closer to emulating "earth garb" but aren't all the way there yet.

(inhales from Swisher Sweet) "I call this look... the Eureka." (chest hair billows in the wind)

If only there was some way to engineer a garment such that it directs the viewer's eye directly to your Area.

Investment banker by day, Hot Topic clone by night.

Got a baseball jacket and khakis lying around? That's an okay look, but you could really punch it up with your mom's purse and a scarf that looks like beef curtains.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-07-31 02:54 am (UTC)
We see threw your complaints; the jealousy is palpable. You know you want to rock the Eureka, but are afraid you can't pull it off. Believe in yourself Renee! Believe!
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