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The Fashion Pigs

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"If there was a fashion magazine that consisted of nothing but photos with your witty captions, I would definitely occasionally buy it at the newsstand." - jeriah
"when you do fashion commentary, it might just be my favorite thing ever." - jelloisfun
"Thank you for the eye melting laughs! I kept laughing till I coughed." - Mombeast
"hey, i think i dated that guy." - i_eat_chapstick
"sometimes i think i'm the only one in the world who hates ani difranco. i'm glad there's two of us." - sylvane
"If I told you you were the Simon Cowell of fashion commentary with a dash of genuine cleaver wit, would you hold it against me?" - doppelfisch
"keyboard warriors" - some anonymous pussy

In this community, we make fun of bad clothing. That's about it. E-mail me if you'd like to co-write articles or you have original writing to contribute: newwavepony_AT_gmail.com. I'm zephyrcrow and I write the articles, which is funny, because there is no one in this world who dresses more like a denim bean-bag. But no matter.

If you're here because I have one of your pictures and you want it taken down, be aware that this site is SATIRE and as such is fair use. Not only that, but I'm not posting any personal information. All of the images are hosted by ME so I'm not even bandwidth-hogging. In conclusion, take a Midol and deal with it.

Here are some similar sites that I really like.
Vice Do's and Don'ts: a rude asshole making fun of New York hipsters.
Something Awful's Fashion Swat: spanning many genres and sources. Always A+++ lol.
Men's Style: sometimes good (70's polos), sometimes hilariously bad ($900 sunglasses).